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Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Teacher 

Welcome beautiful Soul,

Everyday we are getting bombarded with messaging telling us what we need to look like, have, or achieve in order to be happy. Yet having or achieving most of what we are told is NOT bringing any true joy. 


There’s such a disconnect when we are not following our inner wisdom to live in our highest & fullest expression.

Do you ever find yourself.

Feeling overwhelmed mentally & physically by the demands on your time?


Finding yourself in places or relationships that make you feel dis-ease when you use to feel good before?

Confused between your ego & intuition when making a decision, how to know the difference? 

Asking what is your purpose? 

If any or all of these resonate with you then this class is for you.

Please know, You get to live in your internal bliss by showing up AUTHENTICALLY. You get to serve, lead, & live by creating from your highest wisdom. You get to show up with your unique gifts. You get to discover your deepest desires. You get to befriend your intuition. You can release the external voices and open yourself up to the overflow of the universe. 

I am here to help you RE-DISCOVER YOURSELF.